Throughout this year we have been talking about what it is to build something significant with Jesus and our theme for 2019 has been ‘Let’s Build’. Life Christian Church’s journey towards purpose-built facilities now stretches over a decade. Having said that we are right now on the cusp of seeing the vision of those who came before us realised. All this year I have been journaling from the book in the Bible which traces the steps of a visionary leader named Nehemiah through the significant build that God called him too. I have been sharing insights from his journey in both this column and also in our Sunday morning sermons. Nehemiah was a very inspirational leader and our journey in many ways reflects his. Nehemiah was called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem which had laid in ruins for 140 years. His desire wasn’t for his legacy but protection for those who were oppressed. We too live in a town where people live oppressed by finances, addictions, family breakdown and depression.

What continues to amaze me about Nehemiah’s story is that walls people had allowed to lie in ruins for so long could be repaired so quickly. Because the oppression people endured felt normal, they did nothing about it. They had no idea that freedom, peace and security had been 52 days away their entire life! What in my world do I see as normal that Jesus would say is less than His best for me? In what areas of my life am I blindly living oppressed by things that Jesus could easily free me from? If it is less than God’s best for me it’s fixable! The 52 days was a product of an intense, purposeful effort empowered completely by the grace of God. Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem was not an easy fix nor was it a lengthy one. What in my world could change quickly if I decided to not settle for second best but allocated all of my available resources and commitment to a God honouring victory? In Nehemiah’s case hoping for a different result wasn’t getting it done nor was a half-hearted approach. It required everything. It is amazing what God can do with 1 person of faith and a desire to make the world a better place. What could Jesus achieve in you in just 52?

God Bless

Ps Shane

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