This week as I read a quote from Alwyn Matt’s fasting blog I came across the following We think of God as a deity to discuss instead of a place to dwell, but God wants us to see Him as the One in whom “we live and move and have our being” (Ac 17:28 NIV). The more I reflected on this thought, the more it made sense. It was the same mistake the Pharisees made in Jesus time and it is the same mistake we make today. We find it easier to debate God’s view and purpose on matters than to get to know him well enough to know his heart.

That to me is one of the great things about this fast. It is helping us move away from an intellectual knowledge of God (which always leads eventually to error) towards an intimate relationship with God. Jesus has always been about relationship and relationship always requires investment from both parties. With one week to go in our February fast, let’s make that our goal. Jesus I want to not just know about you but I want to live and move inside your presence and will. A great place to dwell.


Ps. Shane

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