This week’s article continues our journey through the book written about the exploits of Nehemiah and his team as they rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. The rebuilding of the walls was essential to putting a stop to the oppression the Israelite people were suffering at the hands of the foreign tribes living in their land. Our lives are no different. Sometimes we can be living in God’s Holy city totally defeated! We might attend church but are living defeated because we have not been able to drive the things out of our life that are holding us back. These could be unforgiveness, addictions, bad relationships, lack of honour or wrong attitudes all of which will cripple our ability to build our best life. Hoping the oppression ended for the Israelites didn’t get it done. Wishing they had a wall to protect them hadn’t helped either. As much as Jesus loves us, wants the best for us and could never love us more than He does today he will not shield us from our unwillingness to change.

‘So we built the wall, and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height, for the people had a mind to work’ Nehemiah 4:6. Rebuilding the wall hadn’t looked hard, it had looked impossible! Once the Israelites made their life priority to rebuild the wall anyway, they began to feel more secure, braver and less intimidated. This occurred even before it was finished. The people in God’s city realised that until they prioritised this building work their other life endeavours (although important) couldn’t deliver them from oppression. So it is with our lives. We can get so busy with the day to day of life that we don’t stop to build the things into our lives which will radically bring our life experience into God’s blessing. What I love about this story is that as the people prioritised building their best life God miraculously blessed it. When we make the hard decisions based on moving our lives towards Jesus He miraculously blesses us and brings a completed work we could never have achieved on our own. This type of blessing only comes to those with a mind to work. Let’s get building!

God Bless

Ps. Shane


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