I love Jesus, answer to the question what happens when we die? as recorded by the doctor Luke in his recount of Jesus life. Jesus says if you want to live forever the key is to love God your creator above all things and love your neighbour as yourself. When asked who your neighbour was Jesus tells the timeless story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus’ answer: Anyone you encounter who is doing it tough that is your neighbour. This is just another example of the revolutionary idea that Jesus brought to earth about treating all people with the dignity and respect that you wish to be treated with. This was revolutionary everywhere in the known world in AD30.

In 2017 the Church that Jesus Christ founded 2000 years earlier still carries that mandate and ethos. Everyone is created equal and is loved equally by God. This is irrespective of behavior or belief. The Bible is quite clear that Jesus loves us all the same. The Bible is also quite clear that he does not treat us all the same. He treats us as individuals that make our own choices. This is because the words equal and the same are not interchangeable. God demonstrates his amazing power by creating us all as individuals and each individual matters to God. Each individual matters to His church. Each relationship that each individual has also matters. At LCCR every person is welcome no matter their relational standing.  I heard a wise man recently say that if we are unable to differentiate between ideas and people, we may end up hating people, we ought love and loving ideas we ought hate. Just like all the choices each of us make in life are not ordained by God neither are all relationships. We do believe all relationships matter but all relationships are not marriage.

God Bless

Ps Shane

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