When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandments for man to live by, he effectively came back with one word, ‘Love’. Love your God and love your fellow man.  If we could just do that, we wouldn’t need to worry about the other commandments. Too often instead of asking ‘what is the loving thing to do?’, people tend to ask ‘what are the rules?’ The hope is that if we operate within the rules we don’t need to live to a moral code. This is why our country has become over legislated. It has become over legislated as the Christian values that our nation was founded on have become eroded. As people become more about ‘me’ and less about others we try and create rules to fill in the gap. I think it is fairly apparent that no amount of commandments or rules or legislation will ever compensate for a lack of love.

 This week I have been journaling from Hebrews chapter 6 and made the following observation. A love for Jesus keeps us serving but a love of others keeps it interesting. In Hebrews 6 verse 10-12 the writer talks about a lack of love making us dull. When a person is dull they are uninspiring. When a blade is dull everything is hard work. Sometimes we may sense that in a marriage or in our faith walk, things have become dull. We think the reason things are dull is an external problem. The Bible says it is internal and a side effect of a lack of love. If we are finding things a little dull and are searching for the answer, check out love.


Ps. Shane

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