Last week I was doing my Bible journaling from 1 John 5. While writing out my life application I wrote the following sentence. Faith is the applied word of God. I had never heard or read that phrase anywhere so I began pondering the true essence of faith. A dictionary will tell you that faith is to have complete confidence in something and we know from scripture that faith comes from the word of God. So the question becomes how do I know I have complete confidence in God’s word? The answer obviously is when I act upon it.

I instantly saw the connection between this thought and having an unfailing faith that we have been talking about in this column for the last month. Living an unfailing faith requires effort on our part to live the life we are called to in the Bible. The Bible challenges us to live differently to everyone else. Jesus expects us to operate in love and not fear. He expects us to be kind and patient with others. He expects us to live a high standard of morality and self control. He seems to expect a lot but provides the power and presence of God as a resource. This is where faith gets involved. If faith is the applied word of God then operating in love not fear happens when I act in a loving way by faith trusting God for the result. For us to experience the abundant life requires us to step out in faith when we don’t ‘feel it’ and be obedient to what we know He wants us to do. It is our obedience that activates His power and grace and takes us to places we never thought possible. It is this faith displayed by our obedience to His word that can propel us into the unbelievable destiny God has for us. That is ‘doing’ by faith.

God Bless

Ps. Shane

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