Over the last few weeks we have been talking about our #GAMECHANGER miracle offering and the difference our purpose-built facilities will make in ushering in a new era of reaching our community with the message of Jesus. All year we have been talking about Nehemiah and his experience of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. We have seen how normal had become so broken that insecurity, oppression and poverty was believed to be acceptable for God’s people. The opposite was actually true and by sheer faith, willpower and sacrifice Nehemiah and those who stood with him ushered in a new era of peace, security, hope and prosperity for all those in Jerusalem.

Throughout history nothing significant has ever been achieved by any group of individuals without it costing someone somewhere something. It has always been those like Nehemiah who have understood what was at stake and have been able to make the sacrifice required to bring about a game changing victory.  We have that opportunity today. Our town desperately needs a significant faith filled community of believers who are prepared to gather the lost no matter the cost. I believe the future direction of our families, our town and our nation is the very thing that we fight for! We have an opportunity today to turn back the tide or sit idly by and hope someone else does. I want to be listed among the former.  I am fully committed to be just such a #GAMECHANGER


Ps Shane

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