In February I kicked off our new church theme for the year Let’s Build. As a church we are entering a totally new season. Council has issued us with our Building Approval for our very own purpose-built facility here in Roma. All that is left to do before starting construction is some tweaking of design and then setting a date. All through this process we have had to revisit the vision and objectives of the build. What are we building and who are we building it for? Ultimately, we want this facility to be a blessing to the town of Roma. Our facility has been designed with a high level of functionality which we hope will benefit our entire community! At every step in the process we have had to be very purposeful to ensure we get the best possible result for our town with the resources available to us.

I believe our church family are in great shape to enter this new season. With so many amazing people contributing their gifts and talents to what Jesus is doing we really are in a great position to experience everything God has for us. That’s all good for the church, but a few weeks ago I posed the question what life are you building? Each one of us is building a life but what life are we building? Are we building our best life? Do we even have a plan of construction? I propose Jesus desires to help each of us build not a life, but our best life. To build your best life just like any building you will need a great foundation. Throughout this year we will be looking at the nuts & bolts of that foundation. No matter what life you are building you can guarantee it will be better with Jesus. Let’s build

God Bless

Ps. Shane

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