What a momentous day. The beginning of a new era for Life Christian Church Roma. This first Sunday in our temporary home brings with it much excitement but even today will pale in comparison to the excitement we will feel on our first Sunday in our own brand new facility on Northern road. You can’t help but think the Lord is taking us all on a fresh journey. Today is the first step into what God has for us as a church. He is expanding our expectations and growing our faith. What seemed impossible only months ago now seems possible.

Our church has been blessed to enjoy such favour from the Lord during this transitional phase in our churches history. God is growing us and moulding us into the sort of church that can impact a whole community. To me that is exciting. For that to happen things won’t stay the same. Things will change, expectations will rise and the calling will increase. With any new beginning there is a sense of excitement of what lies ahead and what the future may hold. Of course at times there will be growing pains. I feel like we have packed our bags and are heading off on a new adventure. We are leaving behind the security of a home that has served us well for so long and looking for the new challenge around the next corner. The facility we enjoy today is the first  stop on that adventure. We are but at the starting line of an exciting new beginning.

God Bless

Ps. Shane

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