Every now and then when I am doing my regular journaling from the Bible I will come across something that has never stood out to me before yet is profound. Earlier in the week I was reading from Philippians 2 when I came across verse 20 where the writer says ‘I have no one else like Timothy who genuinely cares about your welfare.’ Then in verse 21 the writer says ‘all the others care only for themselves and not for what matters to Jesus’. Two things struck me when I read this. Firstly that the great Apostle Paul could only find one person in his posse’ that was genuinely more concerned for others than himself and secondly that caring for others is synonymous with what matters to Jesus.

True selflessness is much rarer than we would like to admit. Despite what we tell ourselves often even our acts of mercy can be selfishly motivated. True selflessness seeks neither recognition nor reward. In fact it isn’t self seeking at all. True selflessness is more concerned that people are treated as Jesus would treat them than any other outcome. It is so easy for us to have our own agenda’s and priorities and be caught up in the busyness of our here today and gone tomorrow lives, let’s take a leaf out of Timothy’s book and begin to approach life how Jesus approached it and assess our days through the lens of eternity.

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