Earlier in the year we discovered that Nehemiah and his team rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem (that had laid in ruins for 140 years) in just 52 days. A lot of planning and resourcing went before that but when the nation committed to rebuild the walls went up fast. I am sure it was the vision of those who in 1982 attended the very first service of AOG Roma (now LCCR) to see a church with purpose-built facilities empowering their mission to bring the gospel to Roma. Now almost 40 years on we are entering our ’52 days’ season. After many years of vision casting, planning and resourcing, construction has started and is moving forward fast!

I got the opportunity as construction started early this week to pray with our builders on site. As we prayed, there was a great sense that we were standing on prayer-soaked ground. Ground that was dripping almost to capacity with not only our prayers for this town but also the generations that had gone before. All the prayer and time and finance that has been sown is now very quickly culminating into a lighthouse church for our community. The speed & testimony at which the building will go up is a result of the passion of those that for many years have fought for God’s house in their town. In the book of Nehemiah chapter 10 it is recorded that the entire nation made a pledge ‘We will not neglect the Temple of our God’. As a church we are the privileged few who just in the times of King David and Solomon get the once in history opportunity to be involved in a brand new house of God being established. It will happen very quickly so make sure you don’t miss out on being part of our ’52 days’.

God Bless

Ps Shane

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