At LCCR we take small groups very seriously. We find one of the things the early church did very well was connect together regularly (not just Sundays). Maybe that is why they were able to change their world through the victory of The Cross and the power of the Holy Spirit.
One of our sayings about meeting together is that everyone needs

A place to sow, a place to grow and a place to celebrate.

A place to Sow is somewhere we use the gifts God has given us as individuals to extend his kingdom. There are plenty of opportunities to serve at LCCR just talk to one of our pastors or team leaders.

A place to Grow is somewhere we can be nurtured by other like minded people who encourage us to be all we can be. At LCCR we have a number of different Bible study, Discipleship and social groups to help fulfil this purpose. Small group options can be obtained by contacting the church or talking with one of our pastors.

A place to Celebrate is Sunday morning. We love to celebrate being Christians. The Bible says to not forsake meeting together and we take that literally. You will find our Sunday services upbeat and exciting. We love to celebrate the amazing gift of being part of God’s family. If you think church should be boring, maybe this church isn’t for you.

So get involved, find a small group and don’t miss a Sunday. The journey of faith and living with eternal purpose is the most exciting journey you will ever encounter.