Recently I was chatting with a good mate of mine and we were pondering the tension between the fear of God and the love of God. Jesus was clear that to do life well and live with wisdom we need both. John Bevere often says that it is the fear of God that keeps us from lawlessness, but it is the love of God that keeps us from legalism. By this he means that if we don’t hold a place of honour and reverence for our creator we are liable to do whatever we like regardless of the consequences. However, if we don’t have love our walk of faith will be more about rules than it will about relationship. I believe a healthy dose of both to be a very balanced approach to the way we should see our relationship with God. It should be no surprise as this is exactly what a functional family should look like!

As I drove home I reflected on this conversation and our relationship with sin. Why does sin seem to creep so easily into a Christians life?  The more I thought about it the more I wondered if our entire view of sin is wrong. Too explain let me use the 10 commandments as an example. God gave the people of Israel 10 basic rules to follow. The people of Israel were to follow these rules and then God would look after them. Sounds simple right. I think this view of the 10 Commandments is why people struggle to live for Jesus! I think we each need to ask ourselves this question ‘Did God create the 10 commandments as a test for the people to see if they loved Him?’ or ‘did God create the 10 Commandments because He loved the people and wanted the best for them?’. How we answer those questions will determine the type of life we are building.

God Bless

Ps. Shane

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