Last week in this column I revealed that the secret to us growing as people is to accept the fact that we can and we must! Some of us are convinced that where we are at in life is all we can ever have and are convinced we can’t change or grow. Others do not even see the need to grow and develop. Both of these positions are as poisonous as each other. To believe we cannot change and develop as people is to deny the redemptive work of the cross and Jesus sacrifice for us.  To believe that we ‘have arrived’ and have no need for discipling or growth in our lives comes from a position of pride. In Luke 4 Jesus declared that He had come to set us free from the things that bind us and when Jesus brother James wrote his letter to the church, he said that God opposes the proud. The Bible is very clear in a multitude of places on both these points.

In my column last week, I coined a new phrase‘The doing are growing but the knowing are slowing’. In hindsight I should have replaced the word doing with sowing; would have been more tweetable! The principle however is the same. How about this version? ‘The knowing are slowing while the sowing are growing’

A further application of this thought is that anyone can be growing. If I can get involved, I can grow! I am now the limiting factor in my own development as a human being and even more importantly as a follower of Christ. If we decide to get proactive in extending the Lord’s Kingdom the default position is always growth. If instead in pride I decide I know all I need to know to navigate this world successfully my personal development probably hasn’t just stalled but is going backwards. On the contrary if I get a revelation that with Jesus there is always more; another mountain to climb and another view to take in I will be living what The Apostle Paul described as the Wide Open Spacious Life. I don’t want to live in the smallness of my own limitation. I don’t want to use the crutch of what I already know to short circuit God’s plan for my life. Never let the knowing (who only want to talk about it) distract you from the sowing (people doing something about it). If you can’t tell who is who, here is a tip : – The guy that is sowing is the one smiling!

God Bless

Ps Shane

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