The last few weeks in church, we have been talking about the large expansive life that the Apostle Paul talked about in the second letter to the Church in Corinth. In Chapter 6, Paul says that the church had been living in a small way; not because of his teaching, but because they were limiting themselves from the inside. I think deep down everyone wants to live a life that counts. I think everyone wants to leave a great legacy. Even more important is to live a life that is going to echo through eternity. Renewing our mind to the way God thinks about us and getting our priorities right in life are how we do that. These are two great thoughts to start any New Year.

This morning as I was doing my bible journaling and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to me, I was reading where Jesus talks about the man who built his house on the rock in the book of Matthew chapter 7. If you are familiar with the passage, you may, like me, think he is talking about building our lives on the word of God. This is a half truth. Twice Jesus emphasises that the only unbreakable foundation is to hear his words and DO them. He says that a person who hears the word and doesn’t do it not only has a poor foundation, but is foolish. Hearing great preaching and revelation becomes foolishness if we don’t act on it. This is a challenge to everyone of us. Only acting on Jesus word brings the foundation which will survive the storms of life. Are we putting Jesus first? Are we assessing our priorities in the light of God’s word? Are we believing what God’s word says about us or are we letting our mind be dominated by destructive thoughts and negative mindsets. A mind allowing the word of God to renew it and choosing to be obedient to what God is calling it to, is the sort of foundation you could build a skyscraper on. Acting on the word we hear isn’t a great foundation, its the only foundation.

Blessings, Ps Shane

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