It’s great to finally see some action on site where our new church will be built. After years of what seemed like a never ending uphill battle I was able to make an announcement at our AGM last Sunday. I have been assured that the roof will be on by Christmas! Little did I know that I would get a call from one of our own people on Monday morning to bring out the plans so the corner pegs could go in or on Tuesday take another phone call from another member on site who had removed some tree’s and arriving on the block on Wednesday to pray as I sometimes do I was greeted by a mountain of dirt. In Nehemiah’s day the walls had stood in ruins for 140 years but it took just 52 days to rectify!

In Nehemiah chapter 10 we see how the governor, priests, levities, leaders and people all signed or swore allegiance to an agreement to separate themselves from how everyone around them was living and start being obedient to the Lords commands; put Him first again. The nation of Israel acknowledged the reason they were not happy and were living lives of oppression wasn’t God’s fault, it was theirs’s for failing to heed His wisdom. Israel were in a self-inflicted cycle of financial, emotional & spiritual poverty. They wanted cultural change and for cultural change you need cultural buy in. To achieve this as a nation everyone needed to be on board. So it is for us.  We aren’t building walls; we are building a church. If we want the Nehemiah like experience, we will need Nehemiah like buy in. This week it was great to see just that. Different individuals from across our church bringing their different skills and resources to bear on this massive project. If left to just a few of us, we will labour valiantly and in time the church will be built. However, when a whole church community ‘buys in’ gets involved and refuses to be left out that’s when the miraculous can happen. When a whole church buys into the vision, the culture of a church shifts in such a powerful way that God says, ‘I command a blessing’. That is the power of ‘buy in’.


Ps Shane

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