In my last column I spoke about not being limited by our own wisdom and what we think life has for us but to begin in faith to ask Jesus what He has for us. This is a huge shift for many! I have heard every excuse under the sun as to why believers don’t put church life and the advancement of Jesus Kingdom first in their lives (I am sure Jesus has too). The excuses are many and varied from family commitments to an out of control work life balance. I often wonder how convinced of our own wisdom we will be when we get our chance to explain these reasons to Jesus Himself in heaven?

Every so often I find a mantra that I believe is worth sticking on my desk to help me stay focused. A couple include ‘making disciples that are making disciples’ & ‘pastors are paid to equip not do the ministry’. Last week I stuck the following on the edge of my computer screen ‘what I know is dwarfed by what I can learn’. There is nothing more debilitating in life or faith than believing that our current knowledge of life and Jesus Christ is complete. When Jesus mate Peter wrote his 2nd letter to be circulated throughout all the churches in the known world, he implored Christians everywhere to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). If I am not prioritising the regular meeting with other Christians and cannot define my personal ministry in growing Jesus kingdom, I am a long way from fulfilling the apostle Peter’s wish. When we struggle to prioritise meeting together, we subconsciously believe that what we can learn is dwarfed by what we know! The irony here is that those who are confident of the call God has placed on their lives and are doing their bit in Jesus mission to create disciples that are creating disciples rarely miss a Sunday! So, the doing are growing and the knowing are slowing. Imagine if this year you made it your mission to find out what your mission to grow the kingdom really is! The people you are to pray for and encourage, the areas of church life where you can serve and the people in your world you can lead to Jesus. The secret to growing has always been to get the revelation that we can, and we must.

God Bless

Ps Shane

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