With our theme of ‘Let’s Build’ this year we have spent a lot of time looking at the lessons we can learn from the great builder Nehemiah. We read in Nehemiah Chapter 2 that when the people heard of the vision to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and release the people from the bondage of their oppressors their response in verse 18 was ‘Let us rise up and build and they set their hands to this good work’. If you want to do something really significant you will never achieve that by yourself. You might be good, but you’ll never be all you can be flying solo!

As much as the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls needed everyone on the same page, there is a small part of this story often overlooked. Before Nehemiah was able to release God’s vision to all the people, he viewed the state of the walls of Jerusalem at night with his most trusted few mates. Nehemiah knew that the days ahead would be testing. He knew that there would be personal opposition and this victory would not come lightly. Nehemiah knew the value of the one or two mates with whom he could speak openly and honestly and who could speak openly and honestly into his life. We all need that. Said another way, we all need the friend who can save us from ourselves! This is the individual who sees your success as their success. The friend who hurts when you hurt and bleeds when you bleed. Mates who would say ‘it’s not you and me, it’s us. When we don’t have that, our lives are vulnerable to just one or two bad decisions potentially  leading to a lifetime of heartache. Everyone needs an ‘Us Bus’! That one or two people who are heading in the same direction and won’t arrive without their mate. The thing about the Us Bus is that no one gets on your Us Bus unless invited. Nehemiah invited his couple of mates to tour the walls with him. The truth is if you haven’t made a specific invite for someone to get on your Us Bus you are riding solo! The question then arises; who is on your Us Bus?

Be Blessed

Ps Shane

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