Wow! How much fun did we have over the last few weeks looking at the Armour of God recorded in Ephesians Chapter 6? From the handcrafted cardboard helmet to my grandfather’s 100 year old bayonet the props certainly added to the experience! As much as it is always great to have a laugh at ourselves from time to time the subject matter of this series, I believe is key to our continued progress as a church and our continued progress as individuals. Two key points that came from the series for me were 1. God has given us all the tools necessary to build God’s kingdom on earth and in the process, the indestructible life. 2. We often have the wrong enemy.

Although all our starting points are different God has given each of us the tools, we need to build a God honouring life. God wants each of us living blessed. We are his kids so naturally he wants the best for us. Generally, when we are living less it isn’t a knowledge thing, it’s an application thing. I know the truth but I fail to wear it. I pray to Jesus but I don’t have the faith that His ways are best for me. I know Jesus died for me, but I am still trying to earn God’s favour. In writing to the Ephesians Paul highlighted that if we are going to have a win, we actually have to pick up the tools (armour) Jesus gave us. Just knowing about their existence doesn’t get it done! The Christ followers who are pushing back darkness in their world and the worlds of those around them have realised that to win a war, you need to get into War Mode. It is a purposeful thing. We get into War Mode when we accept God’s truth as greater than our truth. We are in War Mode when we get the peace of knowing Jesus and knowing  what He says about us. We are in War Mode when we start living like God has called us to and we mix our belief (faith) with God’s presence (therefore foiling the enemies intimidatory tactics). We are in War Mode when we are confident in our salvation giving us a clear mind and we are a danger to the enemy when we live spirit led lives disrupting the enemies plans to enslave us to meaningless things. As the Apostle Paul says, the Jesus follower in War Mode cannot be pushed back. No matter the circumstance the Christ follower in War Mode may pause and stand firm but will only ever move forward. No matter the season you are in right now there will be no better time to get into War Mode.

God Bless

Ps Shane

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