The bible never ceases to amaze me as a great source of wisdom and insight into our lives. A few weeks ago I was journaling from the book about Jesus life written by the eyewitness Matthew. In chapter 9 of his account Matthew records the moment Jesus raises a young girl from the dead. When Jesus arrives at the scene he informs the mourners that the girl is only asleep. At this everyone laughs. The very next line is very telling. ‘After the crowd were put outside……’ Jesus then works a miracle. I saw two things here. Firstly if the crowd isn’t laughing occasionally there probably isn’t much faith in the house and secondly when it’s time to pull up your sleeves and get some real work done the crowd needs to be removed. In this case the crowd were the people of little faith.  The crowd were the people content to mourn but not up for the fight. These people had the most to gain but ironically became part of the problem instead of the solution.

Sometimes we can feel like we were put outside. We can feel like we were left out while others were included and to many it’s a great mystery why. Intuitively people want to be surrounded by hope. No one wants to be team mates with that guy who predicts how much the team will lose by every week or that negative person who can always come up with the reason something won’t work. That is draining. It’s not fun. Experts also tell us it is not conducive to success. A successful team is focused on what they are doing tomorrow not what upset them yesterday. This can be true in all areas of life. People are attracted to a positive ‘can do’ spirit. This is just as true socially as it is in the workplace as it is on the sporting field. If we want to make sure we are not left out we need to make sure we aren’t laughing at the person with the most faith in the room.

God Bless

Ps. Shane


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