There is always something fascinating about hearing a story from someone who was there. In the extremely popular TV miniseries Band of Brothers each episode starts with excerpts of interviews with World War 2 veterans. The Band of Brothers miniseries follows the now legendary US Airborne military unit Easy Company from formation through to the end of the war. The dramatised movie miniseries relied heavily on interviews with people who were there in order to as accurately as possible recreate some of the most compelling World war 2 action sequences ever set to film. Despite the creative genius behind each movie one of my favourite parts of each was the face to face interviews with the veterans. There is something about the raw emotion, accuracy and genuine emotion displayed in the face of someone who was actually there and had their life forever changed by what transpired.

Jesus Disciple Peter emphasises this same point in one of his letters to the churches. ‘And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it’ 1 Peter 3:15. I love how Peter says ‘your hope’ not ‘our hope’. Obtaining a readiness to explain your Christian hope does two things. Firstly it helps you articulate it and secondly people can see in us the conviction of the reality of a walk with Christ. Sometimes as Christians we can take for granted the hope we have in Christ and can become negative and defeated. When we dwell on the hope we have in Christ it is impossible to stay that way (if you disagree ask someone who has recently experienced what it feels like to know for the first time their sins forgiven). The best part as usual is what we can do in others. Our friends and neighbours aren’t interested in our theories or theologies. They are interested in our experiences. When we understand the hope we have in Christ and share it, the truth of the gospel is on display for all to see. It is time for each of us to uncover the awesome power of Your story.

God Bless

Ps. Shane


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